Tim Wilson (Discography Wilson, Tim)

Gettin' My Mind Right
Peterbilt Prison
Al Gore
White Guys
Abe Lincoln
Thomas Edison
Luther Crawel
100 Things to Remember
Uncle B.S.: 1963
Uncle B.S.: 1941
Uncle B.S.: 1945
Uncle B.S.: 1836
Centerfold, Alabama
The Devil Was a Nerd in High School
Ben Wright
English People
Lady Di's Boyfriend
The Pyramids
King of England
Merle The Martian
Nail Guns
Bobby Knight
William Kimler
Carla Faye Tucker
Nashville Name-Dropping School
Cult Leader
If You Try to Save This Marriage Again
Haircut Malpractice
Uncle B.S.: 1955
Uncle B.S.: 1944
Uncle B.S.: 1 Hour BC
Hebrew Wife
Sumo Wrestler Santa Claus
Hillbilly Homeboy
Hillbilly Homeboy
Fireworks in Tennessee
Ringgold, Georgia
The Monteagle Cop
Baptists & Catholics
The Wuttin' a Marlboro
Tide & Skittles
Chad Little
The Talladega Song
Michael Mcdonald Had a Fram
The Ballad of John Rocker (club version)
Uncle Bs 1865
Uncle Bs 1876
Uncle Bs 1492
Learned to Ride (The Motorcycle Song)
Back When Country Was Ugly
Darryl Stokes (That Dumb Sonofa)
19-year-olds & the Go to Hell Store
Living on a Gas Card
Uncle Bs 1647
Uncle Bs 1969
The Family Reunion
The Ballad of John Rocker (Studio version)
Relationship Humor
Love Songs for Losers
I Should've Married My Father-in-Law
In God & Allen Greenspan We Trust
More Al Gore
The Clinton Eviction
Gov't Food
Chicken Fishin'
High Maintenance Woman
Paul Hornung
Strom Thurmond
The Clone Song
Pickin' On the Mormons
What Women Want
Smack Dab in Paradise
Dale Jarrett's Car
Too Stoned for Sturgis
21 and Don't Know Nothing
Merle Haggard Ain't Romantic
Stairwell to Heaven
What's Wrong with Schools
Rosie O'Donnell
2nd Amendment
Grady Bill (Gunfighter Without a Gun)
It's a Sorry World
It's a Sorry World
Chucky Cheese H*ll
The Mechanic
Service Station Lady
First Baptist Bar and Grill
Smoking & Saddam Hussein
Acid Country
Bill Clinton
Auntie Emm
It Takes a Village (To Raise a Nut)
Assault Weapons
Beer Belly Blues
Marilyn Manson
Mama Was a Hit Man
Garth Brooks Ruined My Life
Dale Darrell Waltrip Richard Petty Rusty Awesome Bill Irvin Gordon Earnhardt Smith...Johnson, Jr.
He's My Brother-In-Law
Ricky Tidwell's Momma
Songs for the Musically Disturbed
Lounge Lizard's Love
Garth Brooks Has Ruined My Life
Ricky Tidwell's Momma
Trailer Park Woman
Low-class Love Affair
George Is on My Mind (The George Song)
Acid Country
1st Baptist Bar & Grill
He's My Brother-in-law
She Slept With Texas
Clean Underwear
Redneck 12 Days of Christmas
Super Bad Sounds of the 70's
The Shoals Plane Theme
Levon Cosmetics
Booty Man
Crematorium for Sale
The Scrambled Egg Word Board
The Ward Burton Train
Blind Date
The Shoals Plane Mail Drop Letter
Trailer Love
Muscle Bound After Shave
Woman Repellant
Muscle Bound Body Ointment
Hung Up on You
(Livin' In) Cell Hell
Teddy's Dead
The Shoals Plane Theme End
The Ward Burton Train (instrumental)
Trailer Love (instrumental)
(Livin' In) Cell Hell (instrumental)
Teddy's Dead (instrumental)
The Shoals Plane Theme (instrumental)
Tuned Up
Dale Darryl Waltrip Richard Petty Rusty Awesome Bill Irvan Gordon Earnhardt Smith Johnson, Jr.
The Wizard/Auntie Em
Dance Me to Death
Fireworks in Tennessee
Bondo Jones (Demolition Derby Man)
Assault Weapons
Amy Carter
Uncle B.S. - 1492
Uncle B.S. - March 1836
Uncle B.S. - Summer '56
I Married a Woman Who Talks Like Jerry Reed
Family Reunion
The Braves
Strom Thurmond
If You Try to Save This Marriage Again (I'll Kill You)
Uncle B.S. - June 6, 1944
Uncle B.S. - August 6, 1945
Uncle B.S. - June, 1876
Neil Young/Motel 6
  • Guy Lombardo
  • Krzysztof Krawczyk
  • John McLaughlin
  • 松たか子
  • Al Martino
  • André Gagnon
  • Perselintu!
  • Cledus T. Judd
  • The Fixx
  • Karrin Allyson
  • Guano Apes
  • Yiddish Radio Project
  • Lil Wyte
  • DAF / DOS

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